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Thanks for listening to the feedback! The list looks OK now. Will update if there are any issues.

And again, please consider adding Beardfood, Earbuddy, and Northern Transmissions. They are relatively new compared to Pitchfork. But at least they are as consistent in adding decent reviews. Lastly, another website worth consideration would be Spectrum Culture ( - Good stuff from them too.




Problem with current publications is allmusic is the only one really covers classical music (Guardian occasionally). Yeah most pubs don’t give scores like that because it’s kind of aesthetically indefensible but does


How about the Telegraph?



Anydecentmusic and Metacritic has





New Noise Magazine is a good one.



Prefix Magazine News and reviews activity is activate now



I second Anthony Fantano’s The Needle Drop. Hugely influential music reviewer. But idk if the fact that his reviews are videos is a dealbreaker.

I would also like to recommend Spin

And also a new site that is providing great reviews, Dork,


Prefix has returned to have new reviews.

Please add a reviews


What do you think for this magazine reviews?


Glide Magazine!


The Needle Drop Jajaja

Put this please


To allow some jazz (especially the classics) to possibly get a bit more exposure around the site. They use a simple “out of 5” star rating. The only thing i’m unsure of are the reviewers of this site. They don’t exactly clearly state if they’re users or staff, but I’m guessing if they’re posted to the front page regardless of who rated it, the site’s owners probably merit the reviews as legit.

Otherwise, should be a decent addition seeing as the site accepts a couple publications dedicated to reviewing only hip hop.