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With list season coming to a close, things should begin to be slow for awhile. In the past, I’ve added a few new publications to the site at the beginning of the year. This leads me to ask, does anyone have suggestions for publications that should be included on AOTY?

Some general guidelines

  • Must post reviews online
  • Must give the album a score
  • Should have a decent following
  • Reviews being in English is a plus

I’m not 100% on the idea, but you could include Theneedledrop’s ratings? I’m not aware of any other publications that aren’t on the website already.

He’s been suggested in the past, but I’m not sure I’m ready to use video reviewers. I like the ability to pull a blurb from the review which is a bit harder when there’s no text source.

He usually sums the review up in a sentence or two in the description which you could use under his rating but I do see what you mean.

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Record Collector Magazine

:slight_smile: HighClouds

Does it matter if the website is now defunct? It would help to give additional reviews to older albums if defunct websites (such as Stylus Magazine, Prefix Magazine and Filter Magazine) were added.

The following publications meet your criteria and are still active. They are also all used by AnyDecentMusic and are one of AOTY’s year end list publications:

The Independent
(also used as a publication by Metacritic)

Crack Magazine

God is in the TV

Gig Soup

Ear Buddy

The Observer would also meet your criteria but, personally, I would rather add a completely new publication rather than what is essentially the Sunday version of The Guardian.

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I’m liking these. I’ll look into getting them added today.


Five new publications would be more than enough to add at once but I forgot to mention Northern Transmissions which also meets your criteria. Plus I visit their website fairly regularly and enjoy their content, for what that’s worth. Just thought I’d mention it while I had the chance.

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Record Collector Magazine

Is very complete and use Metacritic

Just wondering (And I apologise if this post goes off topic), is it possible to revise the list of critics that one can add ratings from?

For example, Beats Per Minute, Coke Machine Glow and Wondering Sound are websites that are no longer active in terms of publishing reviews (since 2015 for the last 2 websites if I am not mistaken).

On a separate note, FACT Magazine very rarely publishes online reviews. Even when the website does give a review, no numerical rating/grade is given to the album. Spin Magazine has also stopped giving numerical ratings since end of last year.

Perhaps besides adding other publications that fit given guidelines, other websites that no longer fit the same guidelines can be considered to be removed? Just putting it forward for consideration.

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And a website I would suggest is Beardfood -

They give short but concise reviews with a numerical score.

Yup, that’s been on the list of things to do. With these new additions, it’s a good idea to get that implemented ASAP.

The list of publications in the Add Ratings list should now be dependent on when the publication stopped adding reviews. Let me know if it’s not working correctly.

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Thanks for listening to the feedback! The list looks OK now. Will update if there are any issues.

And again, please consider adding Beardfood, Earbuddy, and Northern Transmissions. They are relatively new compared to Pitchfork. But at least they are as consistent in adding decent reviews. Lastly, another website worth consideration would be Spectrum Culture ( - Good stuff from them too.

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Problem with current publications is allmusic is the only one really covers classical music (Guardian occasionally). Yeah most pubs don’t give scores like that because it’s kind of aesthetically indefensible but does