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New twin peaks


Okay okay I think I am back onboard, I just needed to vent about a few things. I still miss Cooper and have little issues here and there but I can get over it. The most recent episode was brilliant, thought it balanced the surreal artistic side of Lynch with really good storytelling equal to the original series.

That Sarah Palmer scene was creepy af.


I love how you never now how creepy, comical, violent, or absurd it’s gonna get from scene to scene. So many memorable scenes throughout the season. It’s really like nothing else I’ve seen on TV. Episode 8 was definitely a highlight.

Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima from Episode 8:


That finale ruined me :’(



Part 17 had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and was probably the most gratifying episode of the entire series. Now can’t decide between Candie, the Mitchem brothers, Janey-E, or Green Glove dude as my new favourite character(s).

Part 18, on the other hand, goes beyond the equivalent of getting the “How’s Annie?” treatment back in the 90’s. The ending scene especially with Laura’s scream and the house’s lights suddenly shutting off left me with such an unusual feeling of discomfort and terror.

Truly striking, I haven’t felt this Lynched since going into Inland Empire blind. Season 4 would be great, but I would be more than alright with this ambiguous finale being the conclusion.