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New twin peaks

Who’s excited for the new season of Twin Peaks out soon?!? Do you think it will be as good as the first two seasons? Is that even possible?


Think I saw Kyle MacLachlan say that it was gonna be mind-blowing…he could very well just be hyping up the show but it got me excited nonetheless


have you seen all of the promotional videos on youtube for the new season? I have faith in David Lynch

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I’m excited, but I don’t have Showtime right now so I’m debating whether to get it during the run or wait until the end to binge it.

I’ll probably end up subbing for the entire season so I can keep up with the online discussion.


I don’t have Showtime either but i’m just going to stream it online. I think it will be worth it so, like you said, I can get involved with all the online discussions. The fan base for Twin Peaks is pretty mad so I think it will be fun to be involved.

Just finished parts 1 & 2 and I have no idea what’s going on. Love it.

Inland Empire is my probably favourite side of Lynch so this new season is right up my alley.

That glass box scene though.


I only watched part 1 last night, and I had the same exact reaction.


I was really surprised they opened the new season with a dream sequence right off the bat, which has me believing Kyle MacLachlan. They kind of eased us into that stuff the first time around. But considering the glass box scene and the Giant scene, I think Lynch’s presence is going to be a lot stronger in this season compared to the others, which has me so excited.

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Michael Cera: "Lewis… and his friend Clark. Two of the first Caucayzians to travel this great land.

Sometimes my shadow travels in front of me.
Other times behind.
Sometimes to the left…
And other times to the right.
Unless it’s a cloudy day, or it’s just dark out…"

This entire scene killed me


“And may the road rise up to meet your wheels”
“That’s a lovely turn of phrase”


I know this thread may be dead and all, but now that i’ve finally caught up with all the new episodes, i’m just gonna mention how much of a brilliant success episode 8 turned out to be.

Seriously… the experimental imagery after the atom bomb with that absolutely nerve-wrenching score on top of it, the editing on the convenience store scene, that chilling golden orb scene, and the murder spree finale.

High up there as one of the most captivating moments in television


I’m only on episode 7, gah! Can’t wait now

lucky, i wish i was able to experience it for the first time again

Loved that episode but have to admit it has gone seriously downhill since… past the point of trying to convince myself this is good tv anymore.

Interesting, i thought that episode 11 was one of the more excellent episodes yet with, maybe almost as good as episode 8. A really well-balanced blend of the more grounded elements of the series with some of the more experimental moments. That ending dinner scene is emotionally gold too

Episode 12 was really lacking though, can’t deny that.

Scott, I’m surprised. After Samurai Jack’s shortcomings I denied up until the very end, I made a point to go into this without any positive bias because I’m already a fan. And I’m actually liking it maybe even more than the original in some ways. I think it’s great

Episode 11 had its moments but overall I’ve just lost patience with the painfully long scenes with plotlines/characters that are new and have no interest to me or what seems like the overall storyline.


And in the recent 2 episodes with Audrey coming back… that couldn’t have been a bigger anticlimax if they tried. Also, with James playing Just You and I at the roadhouse in the last episode i’m convinced this whole season is one big troll by Lynch.

oh and don’t get me started on the whole arm wrestle thing, so stupid. I remember reading loads about how Season 2 wasn’t as good because it had loads of stupid unnecessary sub-plots yet Season 3 basically gets praised for the stupid sub-plots? I still love Twin Peaks and will continue to watch it but I think the novelty wore off after the 8th episode.

Regardless of how ridiculous they may be, I feel that the sub-plots in S3 all remain connected to the big picture. No matter how abstract they can be, as the season progresses, a lot of the pieces start to fit together. Audrey’s return is strange and not in the most satisfying way, but I’m glad Lynch went in a direction that was the complete opposite of fan-service. I’m liking her return a bit more after the latest episode giving her situation a bit more insight.

Lynch bringing more comic elements into his dark, surreal nightmares is something that’s always been a trademark of his, but I can get how it can turn people off. Lost Highway is one of my favourites of his and I really can’t imagine it be any different than what it already is with its overly grim tone. The arm-wrestling match was a humorous way to show off just how much of a danger evil Coop is. James was always cool and his performance at the roadhouse is touching, comedy gold.

S2 though? I’m sorry, but there is in no way I can fully defend that season with sub-plots like Super Nadine or the ridiculously drawn-out one where James leaves town to have an affair with some women. Super Nadine could get a bit of a chuckle, but other than that, there was absolutely no worth being added to the show with these sub-plots especially with James and his huge-ass forehead looking all sad all the time on his bike.

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