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New user thread


Looks like some people are finding this place and signing up. Post in this thread to get your first post out of the way…


great to finally have something like this for the site

what exactly is the “lists” feature in the music discussion section though?


I see it as a place to discuss year end lists once they come out, and for users to post lists that should be compiled on the site. Obviously it will be pretty barren for awhile, but I think it will be nice to have a place for them to be organized together.


I like this a lot Rob, this is pretty interesting and creates discussion. I no longer have to look at the comment section of AOTY for entertainment!

P.s. Can the “100” rating be separate from “90-100”?|
A perfect score is in its own category in my opinion and people can see how many perfect scores their favorite reviewer has given just by the chart.


Are you referring to the ratings pages for individual users? That shouldn’t be a problem.


yes, thank you!


Great idea.


Really good to see a forum section over here. I hope its put to good use.


¡Hola, amigos! Happy to see this has been made — hopefully it’ll establish more of a community among users.


This should be working now. Let me know if you’re running into any issues with it. Here is your list for example:

Also separated out the 100s on the ratings distribution chart on the main profile page:

I will make all the ranges clickable soon. For now, clicking the 100 takes you to the perfect score page.


Looks beautiful, thank you so much Rob.