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No more comments on Year-End List aggregate?


Are there no longer comments on the aggregate list ( In the past I’ve really enjoyed looking at people debate as the aggregate develops. Am I just being dumb and I can’t find the comments anymore?


It was meant to be kept, but I thought that maybe some bad ads were coming from Disqus. I can add it back in.


I’m trying something new by using the forums as a commenting system on the year end lists / aggregate. I figure having two accounts (AOTY / AOTY Forum) is already one too many so I’d rather not use Disqus as the commenting system.

The discussion will be displayed at the end of the list, but one drawback is that you need to come to the forum in order to add a new post. Hopefully this isn’t too big of a deal, and maybe it will drive some activity to the forums.


cool sounds good, thanks for the update