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Non-english critics?

The critics are very english centered (the site should actually be called EAOTY for englishalbumoftheyear). Is it possible to add some relevant non-english critics like f.i. German, Musikexpress or German newspapers? I have seen that at least the Danish GAFFA is considered for year-end lists.


Yeah, I agree that some critics from other languages should be added as well. As long as they are relevant. Although, I can understand why they haven’t been added up to this point; when it comes to blurbs, you might need to be fluent in the corresponding language to approve one and this can be a pain for mods to handle if they aren’t.

Also, this raises the question of: ‘‘Should the blurb be in the original language or be translated to English since it’s the site’s language?’’ If the latter, this adds a layer of difficulty and more work for the mods.