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Not sure how to stop this but it's a disappointing phenomenon


Rigged ratings

Rob must be working on a way to cure this epidemic as we speak. Godspeed, Rob.


the amount of effort this person must have went through to make all of those accounts.

if not that, the idea of someone planning a whole brigade to come to this site and rate one single is absolutely hilarious.

this just might be more intense than the Conchita Wurst disaster of 2015.


I’m sure there are probably multiple accounts in there, but they aren’t all the same person. I’ve seen some social media posts urging people to come here to rate the album. Like this:

I don’t think it’s fair to remove those accounts, but as you can see, the overall album rating shows the lower weight attributed to users who just come here to give a single album a perfect score.


Rob delete this single

I think that delete this single and put other

So you can see who makes the false accounts and dots the single again and you’ll also score.


the Conchita Wurst disaster!? do tell, I missed that one.

also, brigading for Louis Tomlinson? what has the world come to.


Remember this?


At least we aren’t involved in a war such as this


Yeah, that’s a lot worse. I’m just glad it’s Metacritic and not RYM.


Where can I report rigged ratings like the ones in Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Back To You’ page? It’s obvious that the reviews and the ratings were made by the same person/group, their accounts were created only to give this song perfect scores


And they won’t be removed anyways.


The best solution I can think of to deal with this problem is to have throwaway accounts not weighted and/or have a waiting period for all new accounts so they can’t spam. There’s no elegant solution to deter this type of behavior—these people are already going through absurd hoops to do this shit.


That’s much better than having to manually remove accounts every time this happens.
"the overall album rating shows the lower weight attributed to users who just come here to give a single album a perfect score."
Not sure how “lower” it is but its current score isn’t too unrealistic. However, some people make an account and rate a few albums, rather than a single one. No weight could be attributed to people below a certain threshold, say, all their 100 or 0 scores when below 10 ratings or if all scores are 100 or 0. Since people on this site actually have legitimate 100/0s, among what should be other scores.


Could you remove Hannepanne or no, Rob? They have 47 ratings (almost all of them zeroes), and hasn’t been active in two years. Also, I think they rated all those scores in one day (Nov. 24) and haven’t been back


Looks like a good candidate to wipe clean.


honestopinion is another one who could go if you wanted, who only has 1 rating (from March 28), and it was a zero for the new Mount Eerie album




I don’t understand what that means alex


Also, Rob, what’s the green circle around certain users’ picture mean? It’s cool


It’s to show who’s online. I believe it was added recently.