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Objectivity of rating in communities

I am interested in the question of the objectivity of the rating. There are always doubts about the impartiality of music publications. One music lover’s score may depend on various circumstances. On the other hand, in large communities, any fluctuations are usually smoothed out.

Here’s how communities voted last year for The Slow Rush by Tame Impala:

This album received the highest number of support votes in the Indieheads community - 10.2 k (95%).
In the BEA community - # 7 out of 3.000 (486 votes).
The album took # 188 in the AOTY community (Liked by 120 people).
In the RYM community, the album took - # 1060 place (8,713 ratings).

One would assume that RYM has always disliked this group. But the album Lonerism (2012) still takes an honorable place there - # 9.
What happened user preferences last year?

P.S. Community Discussion:
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I think objectivity in music communities needs to be taken with the smallest grain of salt. The whole reason why we gather to rate music is because of the subjectivity of music. I guess you could say that all sites have some hive minds. I know if I move on to an album I dislike and notice great reviews from publications especially of Pitchfork or Fantano, I see the album in a new light. I don’t automatically like it for these reasons but swaying opinions are prevalent among music critic teens on the internet.

Hello everyone. I do not know English, I use Google.
It just so happens that I haven’t visited the AOTY forum for several years.
So I forgot all the settings and had to create a new account.
Apparently this blocked this topic for several days.
Therefore, the discussion in other forums was ahead of schedule.
Links to mirror topics in other communities I have attached in the title message.

Forum AOTY is the most unknown to me of all 4 presented sites.
I don’t know anything about the rating algorithm on the AOTY forum.
But I always follow the painstaking work of the site on the lists of music magazines.
At the end of the year, these lists become a very important source of information for me.
The AOTY score for this album is between the extremes.
I have a guess that this is due to site policy.
After all, AOTY deals with the summation of the ratings of music magazines.
Perhaps this result is the most weighted rating of the year from the existing ones.