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Open letter to RYM administrator - Sharifi

Open letter to RYM administrator - Sharifi
I hope open email is a sign of democracy and a chance for justice.
Therefore, I report that the RYM site has become a source of increased danger.
This community causes people (its members) serious suffering.
You forgot about the foundations of democracy - freedom of speech and personal integrity.
Administration officials act without warning, exacerbating the consequences.
The affected person may commit suicide by leaving a written accusation.
You can go to jail in the event of a public trial.
The Internet already contains evidence of the sadistic tendencies of your employees.
Your employees don’t introduce themselves, which is why I’m writing in the plural.
I am waiting for your response confirming the readiness for cooperation until 08/31/2023.
In fact, you should be interested in expedited resolution of the problem.
Human pain overflows the cup, tragedy can happen at any second.
Otherwise, I will independently start a campaign to expose and punish the perpetrators.

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I sent the above appeal to the specified email on 08/24/2023.
At the same time, identical text was posted on various Internet resources.
After posting, I took control screenshots.

The Internet resource metabrainz community marked the message as unacceptable:
In particular, the community considers the appeal offensive, inciting hatred.
I was asked to make changes to the appeal.
I had to replace some of the accusations with streamlined language.
At the same time, I did it on other resources, so as not to give a reason for deletion.

Recheck marked the message as spam:
The community, among other things, believes that this is an advertisement that is excessive.
Both responses were officially sent to my e-mail.
The third official response concluded:
This message was marked as spam and one of the staff decided to delete it.

There is no information about this employee, there are no accusations of spamming or defamation.
These are all the official answers on the topic now.

I am forced to simultaneously place identical appeals on different resources.
By this I try to protect my rights by all available methods.
I’m using google translate, sorry for any mistakes.
I am willing to change any wording upon request if the meaning is not clear.
I apologize if some comments go unanswered.

The main purpose of the appeal is to stop these crimes and help other victims.
It is easier to experience pain together, and indirectly the charge has already been brought.
This letter, in fact, is an appeal to the police, to the prosecutor’s office, and to public organizations around the world.
If this is not enough now, then nothing else will help yet.
It takes time for people’s discontent to form and bring an effect.

The main accusation is still a violation of freedom of speech and the inviolability of the person.
However, in my opinion, the infliction of suffering is connected with the purpose of unjust enrichment.
Some may combine this with the pleasure of omnipotence.

An organized group of persons by prior agreement carries out -
hidden seizure of property rights with the infliction of mental suffering.

Even if we assume that once the community belonged only to the administrator.
It is now a shared property.
From the moment the administrator gives consent for improvement.
Each participant has the right to a proportionate share in the common property.
These rights cannot be overridden by community rules.
It is not valid, as obtained under pressure, as a result of a breach of trust, etc.
This is my unprofessional opinion.
I have a higher legal education, but for more than 10 years I have been far from this.

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On August 21, 2023, I entered into a dialogue with two users on the RYM website.
My only comment contained quotes from these users.
In particular, I treated RYM ratings with irony (emoticons +).
In response, I received a request to clarify my words.

I was late with the response remark, and I saw a new comment.
It looked strange, the interlocutor was no longer talking to me.
He was trying to convince someone that he didn’t know anything about me.
He also does not support my criticism, because RYM is cool.

It could be assumed that these words are addressed to a third participant.
However, this participant was not long in coming.
His sentences were confusing and also contained excuses.
There was no trace left of the former confidence of the interlocutors.
On the contrary, they looked very frightened.

Moreover, I hastened to reassure everyone with my friendly answer.
However, the comment field did not appear.
I returned to my page, but it was not there.
Instead, the text appeared:

Your account has been permanently suspended.

Reason given by moderator:

Constantly making aggressive posts about the fact that this site doesn’t work exactly the way you personally want it to.

You lost privileges for breaking site standards, and our staff was very polite in trying to explain the issues and help guide you to enter data correctly. In response you were nothing but belligerent and combative, refusing to make the adjustments requested.

It’s pretty clear at this point that RYM is not what you think it is, and you’re not going to force it to change through being aggressive, so maybe you should leave and find some other site. 21 Aug, 2023 at 12:02

In fact, I hardly follow the RYM forums.
And I very rarely leave comments anywhere.
This is especially true of the RYM website, and especially this year.
But on this day, I managed to leave as many as two comments on RYM.

It usually happens when something hits me to the quick.
As a rule, I start with a quote that I support or vice versa.
That day it was about the ratings.
But at first it was due to the improvement of the site.

The comment was about data entry, which the author suggested to improve.
I could not miss the opportunity and recalled my main problem.
I am very grateful for the mass of useful notifications from the administration.
But I was worried that for three years there was no main notice.
When, for what and for how long I was deprived of the right to enter any data.
I attributed it to the wrong input that the program allows.
Also ironically (emoticons +) I wondered why the site didn’t need active users.

Access to the forums I have surprisingly preserved.
I checked this my first comment of the day.
Instead of a comment, there was an inscription - deleted by the moderator.
The comment above, which I implicitly supported, has been changed.
Its author also added an apology.
He asked to be forgiven for bringing up the matter again.

Then I checked my comment regarding the ratings - it was saved.
Obviously, my interlocutors had enough of delaying my reaction.
They most likely already knew how such conversations could turn out.
They went to my page, but there was nothing left of me there.

I have never come across such situations on any Internet resource before.
Your account is permanently banned” - it sounded just crazy.
However, below was a discussion box and a note.

Note: you can only respond once to every comment/response from a RYM Staff member, so think it through before you submit your response.

If you were banned for violating community rules, the ban will often be reduced in cases where you take responsibility for the actions leading to the ban and provide a convincing argument that the behavior won’t continue.

I wanted to consider it an easy educational procedure.
However, I lost the rights to enter data, too, without warning.
I got the notification only after three years, along with the blocking.

My hands began to shake involuntarily.
I have visited this site almost every day for over 12 years.
I immediately remembered the fear of casual witnesses of my disappearance.
I finished my excuses almost with tears in my eyes.

Musicoed Aug 21, 2023 23:00 EET
I repeatedly raised the question, for which I was deprived of my rights.
I just had to guess.
Since there was no official warning or notification.
There was a moment when I received a notice criticizing the inscription on my score.
And I immediately removed the mocking wording.
The dispute about Russian capitalization was resolved several times in my favor.
I can prove this by referring to the addition of specific artists.
Therefore, the deprivation of rights was a complete surprise.
I introduced enough musical content and I was offended by such an attitude.
Moreover, all my lists for several years are here.
It is not easy to start a new life in old age.
I have not deceived or insulted anyone here.
Before I was stripped of my rights, I didn’t use the forum at all.
I have no desire to conflict with anyone.
Sorry if my statement was rude, I use Google translate.
Explain what I have to do to get my rights back.
Please let me know if there is a time limit for this.
If this is never possible, leave the right to use my ratings and lists.

All night I could not sleep, although I reassured myself that in the morning my profile would return.
But I did not receive any answer either in the morning, or in the evening, or the next day.
I was very worried that I was in a hurry and did not provide exculpatory references right away.

I started looking for other possibilities to correct my mistake.
I was going to promise that I would never enter Russian names again.
I was miraculously lucky, the administrator’s profile contained an email.
I had no doubt that it was specifically for emergencies, like mine.

However, I accidentally got into the section I forgot - Site Policy.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was blocked a day after the topic appeared:

Regarding the permanent community suspension of a user.

The author himself deleted his only comment. The topic was blocked.
I went to the author’s profile and I felt sad.
It seemed to me that this is my age, the number 55 and registration on March 2, 2022.
British native, 90 friends but very few ratings.
He did not manage to rescue himself or one of his many friends from oblivion.
Who am I compared to them?

In fact, I now use hundreds of communities and magazines every day.
But RYM is my first home to which important years of my life have been given.
If my peer only attends RYM, what will he experience from being blocked?

Your account has been permanently suspended.
Reason given by moderator:
Constantly making aggressive posts about the fact that this site doesn’t work exactly the way you personally want it to.

In connection with this rationale, I have the following questions:

  1. Does a moderator have to give his name when blocking a user?
  2. Should the moderator refer to the points of the rules that the user violated?
  3. Should the moderator refer to the posts in which the user violated the rules?

In my opinion, from the customs of applying any sanctions, the answers should be as follows:

  1. The moderator is obliged to give his name always, if he performs his official duties.
    The administrator is responsible for the actions of a moderator who does not introduce himself.
  2. The moderator is obliged to refer to the paragraph of the rules that the user violated.
  3. The moderator is obliged to refer to the posts in which the user violated the rules.

Sonemic / Terms of Service
Unacceptable Conduct
rateyourmusic considers the following behavior to be unacceptable conduct, and may terminate your account and/or remove all content submitted by you if you are engaged in the following activities:

A closed list of 14 unnumbered items.
I did not find anything related to the rationale for my blocking.

Acceptance of Terms
rateyourmusic is provided free of charge to all users on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis…

International law:
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Article 1 of the Convention defines “racial discrimination” as:
… any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

RYM Minor fix request thread (March 2023)

Please feel free to post requests for minor fixes in this thread.

My deleted comments:
I made only 5 comments in the six months of the existence of the branch.
The moderator deleted four posts on the day of blocking (three - retroactively).

In these posts, I supported or opposed the suggestions of other users.
The only post left is a good demonstration of how this happened.
Why did the moderator leave this post and delete the rest?
In my opinion, this is due to the desire to hide my involvement in sharp ideas.

The obligation to notify about the restriction of rights is the last post (the reason for blocking).
Permission to indicate the length of tracks on vinyl - postdated April 30th.
This is especially important if the duration differs from the standard versions.
Creating a field for entering data on the duration of music videos.

Two deleted reposts from my topic, which I led to RYM for three years.
Name - Objectivity of rating in communities.
I opened topics of the same name in several communities at the beginning of 2021.
The most active discussion took place at RYM.
I continued to develop the theme of objectivity on RYM.

I consider this the main work of my life.
Relationship of ratings and duration through AI, the concept of a stock rating exchange, etc.
Some users directly thanked me for this.
Now the branch has disappeared from the RYM list, the links give a 404 (not found) error.
This thread contained many counter links to other Internet resources.
It will not be difficult for me to prove the fact of its existence.
This is the destruction (theft) of my intellectual property.

My second and last topic is RYM, as an illustration of the magnitude of the possible loss.
2021 ★ Best Of (currently available)
2021 ★ Best Of : Preamble - link to an unavailable topic, including.

I received a response to the first hidden appeal regarding the blocking of the RYM.
This answer is again without the name of a specific official.
I equate this answer with the RYM admin’s answer.
Therefore, I believe that my open appeal also received a response.

I will not exacerbate problems by advertising them in advance.
It took the administration a week for the first response.
I’ll be counting on those dates.
I am interested in my house RYM to live and prosper.

My negotiations with RYM staff stalled.
Excerpt from the latest message from RYM staff:
«… you have cancelled any opportunity that you previously had to appeal your ban and we have no interest in discussing anything with you further».
I am returning to the public format as the only means of protecting my rights.
I am publicizing the progress of the negotiations, as I warned earlier.

RYM Staff Aug 29, 2023 12:46 EET

«I repeatedly raised the question»

You did more than “repeatedly raise a question”. In multiple cases, you were aggressive and belligerent toward our moderation staff - your comments made people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. That is due to your own actions and words, for which you are responsible.

«The dispute about Russian capitalization was resolved several times in my favor»

It’s not about who was wrong or right. It’s not against the rules to disagree with others on the site, if done respectfully and civilly. The problem, again, was the disrespectful and aggressive manner in which you communicated towards others, which is a violation of our community rules.

«I have not deceived or insulted anyone here».

You have insulted multiple people here, which is why you lost your database privileges, and and which is why you are now banned.

RYM is an online community. It is privately run, and like any other privately-run group, club, organization or community, we have the right to ban people from the community if we feel that their behavior is disruptive or detrimental to the community as a whole.

It seems like you are unaware of the inappropriate nature of messages you have sent on this site. That’s not our fault: it’s your responsibility to communicate with others in a respectful and appropriate manner.

«Moreover, all my lists for several years are here.
If this is never possible, leave the right to use my ratings and lists»

We will change the ban to community-only so that you can access your ratings and lists, but you will remain permanently banned from the community and from submitting to the database. Because of your past behavior, we do not wish to work with you on database questions or to communicate further with us.

My response to a message from RYM staff dated 08/29/2023

Musicoed Aug 31, 2023 13:54 EET

«I have not deceived or insulted anyone here».

«You have insulted multiple people here, which is why you lost your database privileges, and and which is why you are now banned».

I’ll notice that the first block notice didn’t contain the word insult.
Now this is the only accusation that justifies all the restrictions on my rights.
At the same time, you refuted my statement that I did not offend anyone.
Thus, you accused me of lying.
You haven’t provided any evidence for this.
By doing so, you have offended me.
I ask that you provide evidence or apologize.
Otherwise, I reserve the right to compensation for moral damages.
You must also justify your sanctions with a specific paragraph of the rules.

«RYM is an online community. It is privately run, and like any other privately-run group, club, organization or community, we have the right to ban people from the community if we feel that their behavior is disruptive or detrimental to the community as a whole».

The accusation of insulting (humiliation of honor and dignity) of another person is a serious accusation.
In Russia, this provides for criminal, administrative and civil liability.
But no proprietor can refuse a public service because of personal dislike.

My requirements now:
You must return to me the right to use RYM in the usual amount.
You should open access to my topic “The objectivity of rating in communities”.
I intend to demand compensation if this topic is destroyed.
You need to tell me who destroyed this thread and on what basis.
You must unlock the theme:

Regarding the permanent community suspension of a user.

I also posted some of my claims in the public inquiry.

I am interested in productive cooperation in resolving the dispute.
Therefore, I do not intend to make public the course of our negotiations.
However, I will go back to public discussion if the negotiations reach an impasse.
I am waiting for your reply until 09/08/2023.
Copy to mail Sharifi (administrator RYM) -

RYM staff response to my message dated 08/31/2023

RYM Staff Sep 05, 2023 16:20 EET

RYM is based in the United States and thus is subject to US law. RYM is not subject to Russian law in any way.

Under the US constitution, people have the right of freedom of association. That means that we have the right to create groups, clubs, communities, or organizations, and include or exclude anyone on our own terms and based on our own criteria. There is no requirement to provide any explanation to anyone as to why we would exclude someone, however criteria is based on our terms of service and Community rules.

Without freedom of association, it would not always be possible to create a community that is civil and where everyone can participate. For example, if you start a music discussion group, and one person is too overbearing and insistent, then people have the right to not invite that person to future meetings if they feel the person’s behavior is disruptive to the ability of everyone else to feel free to participate.

That is the behavior which led to the ban. It’s fine to have a discussion about a particular idea you’re passionate about, but you didn’t simply have a discussion, you repeatedly tried to force your ideas of “objective ratings” onto the community in an overbearing, insistent, and uncompromising manner. In that thread, you also implied that the only reason that the only reason Souvlaki is respected is due to the attractiveness of the singer, which is a sexist, inappropriate comment toward that artist. Many people were offended by that post and by the overall aggressive tone in which you insistently pushed the same ideas which the community disagreed with or called out as unrealistic or illogical. In the end, you were aggressively trying to force your personal concepts onto the site and a community to the point that you became so overbearing that you were banned.

Additionally, you were disrespectful toward moderators in two separate instances. All of this factored into the decision to ban you from the community. Four of the five community rules were broken:

  1. Treat other users with respect

  2. Treat the purpose of the site with respect (you broke this by misusing the forums)

  3. Don’t post racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, violent, or otherwise disrespectful/insensitive content (you broke this with the Souvlaki comment)

  4. Don’t spam or engage in behavior that ruins discussions (i.e. don’t be overbearing and aggressive to the point where others’ ability to share their opinion is diminished)

But no proprietor can refuse a public service because of personal dislike.

  1. RYM is not a public service. A public service would be, for example, a service run by the government.

  2. As stated before, yes, in fact, we are allowed to exclude people because of personal dislike, or any other reason, including if we feel that you are breaking our community rules or that your presence is making others feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, or unsafe.

The accusation of insulting (humiliation of honor and dignity) of another person is a serious accusation.

We are speaking English, and the English definition of “insult” covers a very large variety of behaviors, from very minor to serious behavior. So that is incorrect: insulting is not necessarily a serious accusation; you cannot make this assumption. “Insult” can also mean “being disrespectful”.

However, even it its minor forms, disrespectful behavior is against our community rules. It has nothing to do with law, it is a matter of civility.

  1. We will not be providing any more details, because you provided a link to a document where you made extremely violent statements and threats, “Human pain overflows the cup, tragedy can happen at any second.”

Making such extreme statements is completely unacceptable. With these statements, you have cancelled any opportunity that you previously had to appeal your ban and we have no interest in discussing anything with you further.

This is a small music rating website. It is designed to be something that is entertaining and used occasionally without too much seriousness. It should not be so important in any person’s life that they would write such horrible things.

  1. We will not be restoring a thread about a deleted user. You were not the subject of that thread, and furthermore we did not delete the topic. As can be clearly seen, the user deleted it himself. You have no right to demand the undeletion of threads that have nothing to do with you.

We will also not be restoring your thread. According to our Terms of Service, “rateyourmusic reserves the right to refuse, move, or delete any content that is submitted by users for any reason.” Your thread violated our community rules.

The RYM staff for allegedly insulting several people disqualified me.
I asked the RYM staff to provide evidence or apologize.
There are no citations, no references, only retellings and conjectures.
RYM personnel deliberately hide their names and facts.
I do not hide my name and provide quotes and links.
Users who openly admitted to being hurt by RYM staff:

tigercap Posted: 02/22/2022 20:44

After being a contributing member since 2006, I was banned from Rate Your Music. I had between 30,000-40,000 contributions there. I’m always searching for new-to-me music.

As most regular users, I had pics and quotes matching my personality on my personal page. Never trolled anyone. Didn’t post on people’s boards.

Their admins are going nuts with cancelling “unapproved opinions”. Their killing themselves with this nonsense.

My sin: One of the quotes on my page was, “it’s not enough to not be communist, you must be anti-communist as well”…

LTSings Posted: 02/27/2022 07:29

… I used to be on RYM too. They are totally unfair and they push an agenda.

BorderFreeAndrew Posted: 05/08/2023 00:21

… As someone who spent 16 years on that site, I both witnessed and experienced the biased moderation all the time…

… LTSings (also quoted above) got perma-banned because she privately complained to the RYM admins in 2020 …

… As for me, I got perma-banned last November simply because I left a benign positive comment on a Timcast single. It didn’t break any rules, but I was told it was “disruptive to the community” and somehow I should have “holistically” known that. For the record, I’m not even a conservative. I’m a center-Left moderate who simply appreciates free speech and viewpoint diversity. Apparently that’s intolerable to RYM’s admins…

BorderFreeAndrew Posted: 05/06/2023 17:13

… The owner/admins of RYM have blatantly obvious double standards in how they moderate and enforce the site’s ever-more-Draconian rules. It’s as if they are purposely trying to turn the site into a monoculture where only users who share their militant Left-wing and elitist views are welcome. No viewpoint diversity allowed. If you dare to express views contrary to the snob dogma, you will be harassed, trolled, and bullied until they can come up with a BS excuse to ban you from the site.

I cited the revelations of three Americans who suffered from RYM personnel.
I knew these stories several months before I was blocked.
I have never personally known or interacted with these people.
Sorry, but I assumed that they might be silent about something.
It also has something to do with politics, which I have nothing to do with.
Therefore, I did not take this as a warning for me personally.

Prevention is one of the main goals of this message.
I would like to apologize again if I do not respond to comments.
I have to duplicate the progress of the investigation on different platforms.
But I will take into account all statements in future publications.
Be careful, RYM remains a territory of authoritarian rule.
Unnamed moderators delete comments even without giving a reason.
Previously, I had no idea that they were violating the right to freedom of speech.

For 9 of my 12 years, RYM rather tried to force additional work on me.
They understood that they had no right to give me instructions directly.
Therefore, they took advantage of the rare cases when I myself became dependent.
I asked for help if I couldn’t cope with an error while typing.
For example, I indicated a release date, which later changed.
Or I noticed a typo late in the number of one of the many tracks.

I couldn’t stand the fact that there were mistakes next to my name.
Correcting one digit in a date or track number takes one second.
However, I was unable to get a correction from the RYM staff for months.
RYM staff required registration of additional options.
For example, they expected me to provide a link to the profile of the author of the lyrics.
And I had to explain that this author has namesakes.
And to create a new profile I have nothing but a name.

Some of my requests remained unfulfilled.
But it would never even occur to me to consider this a violation of my rights.
I didn’t see this as discrimination or double standards.
Many users complained about a huge queue when correcting data.
Now it looks completely different and makes me wonder why.
Complaints about data entry became the reason for the first restriction of my rights.

i can’t tell if this is satire but i love it

Perhaps the RYM platform was once created by music lovers.
Entering release data is a real labyrinth with a lot of options.
This allows you to enter the maximum possible amount of information.
Now RYM uses this labyrinth as a reason for repression of users.

The repression algorithm looks like this:
No one will ever fill out all possible release options.
The input program allows any number of errors.
Only RYM personnel authorize additions and corrections.
None of the RYM staff will correct your data themselves.
You do not have the right to delete your data to which there are claims.
It is always your fault if you do not satisfy the RYM staff.
You are at fault as soon as you entered the information about the first release.

Unknown persons deprived me of my rights to enter any data in the summer of 2020.
Before this, I had successfully entered over 600 releases, not counting other information.
I just suddenly couldn’t get into data entry mode.
Blocking of rights without a single warning or notification.
I openly called such actions very humiliating for me.
For three years I tried to get information about this to no avail.
The RYM staff, on the contrary, for some reason hid a banal reason:
It’s just that the entire community secretly had a personal dislike for me.

I’m very sorry, my prevention efforts have so far been ineffective.
Today I accidentally found out that another music lover was injured.

Can’t submit data to RYM anymore with no explanation as to why

VreyIsGrey 7 Sep 2023, 03:10:04

I no longer have permissions to submit any data to RYM and I am completely left in the dark as to why. I got no community warning, absolutely nothing.

“You do not have permission to perform this action because your privileges to submit data to the site have been fully revoked.”

Sorry for any poor wording, I’m just really pissed off about this.

dt2 (Admin) 7 Sep 2023, 05:55:39

Please take it to “feedback”

This thread is locked.

The administrator again ignored the user’s upset feelings.
Why doesn’t anyone warn in advance and explain the reasons?
RYM has been captured by terrorists who are holding the entire administration hostage?

RYM blocked another thread a few days ago.
This also has direct relevance to my investigation.
The author of the blocked topic is Russian, who provided the contact address.
I wrote to him to warn him about the danger of blocking his rights.
I will give quotes to which I have something to add.

capitalization rules don’t work well

Complextor 2023-08-31 T11:41:14Z

… That is, the moderator does everything that only devalues the work of a community member, and does not try to save data. …

Jshopa (Admin) 2023-08-31 T22:05:11Z


«I applied for a profile and got rejected based on misuse of capitalization rules.

My arguments were more than convincing, although they did not fit into the rules.

Moreover, the moderator should not allow the application to be rejected because of the disputed capitalization, since this does not lead to anything and only wastes time resubmitting the artists and re-editing the releases».

Clipping the two pertinent things from this post.

All guidelines have been heavily debated before being instated, often for years - the capitalization ones long predate your presence on this website. If you want to make a policy change, it needs to be brought to this board first. Attempting to argue against a rule in the queue is a waste of everyone’s time and will always result in a denial, because it is literally something against posted rules - this should be obvious. That is on you, not on any moderator. It doesn’t matter how convincing you personally feel your argument may be, the rule needs to change before the submission.

I completely agree, the rules need to be changed “before the submission”.
And everyone needs to know these rules “before the submission,” which is even more important.
Therefore, I am quoting from an explanation of the application of all RYM community rules.
Anyone can equate these explanations to communication between children in a sandbox.
However, adults must understand that their virtual life is decided here.

«Without freedom of association, it would not always be possible to create a community that is civil and where everyone can participate. For example, if you start a music discussion group, and one person is too overbearing and insistent, then people have the right to not invite that person to future meetings if they feel the person’s behavior is disruptive to the ability of everyone else to feel free to participate».

All that remains is to determine who to classify themselves as.
There are only two options:

  • one person is too overbearing and insistent
  • people have the right to not invite that person to future meetings

Jshopa is an absolute f… I’ll bite my tongue. They make up BS to favour friends when dealing with mod issues. He has no idea.

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I had plans to involve magazines and community organizations.
And I constantly negotiate - the only negotiations are with myself.
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to continue this topic due to nausea and hopelessness.
The answers provided by RYM staff violate all legal and moral standards.
The United States is still no different from ordinary fake democracies.
Reputation is the last thing that prevents me from giving up the fight for my rights.

I repeat - this is an investigation and a warning, but not a provocation.
RYM users who have already lost everything can help others with facts.
Users who have something to lose should be careful at all times and everywhere.
Everyone needs to refrain from unfounded attacks on specific individuals.
It is no coincidence that RYM employees anonymously violate user rights.

I have to look for those involved in terrorism based on circumstantial evidence.
For example, I went to the open personal page of the RYM administrator – Sharifi.
I noticed a strange thing - the latest ratings for music and cinema were in February 2017.
I fully accept the possibility that others use this nickname now.
Or Sharifi thus hopes to prove its absence from the site since 2017.

The Sharifi page has three important sections with answers to questions.
I would call these not answers to questions, but actual rules.
This is not an explanation, but an establishment of rights and obligations.
How is this possible in the section where popularity lists are located on my page?
Why did the administrator disguise these rules as answers to questions?
Because some of these rules contradict the main rules of RYM.
And the most inconvenient rule of RYM is the non-profit goals of this organization.

The administrator allows the user to change the name only for a donation.
Why does the user have access to all the features of the site for free?
In my opinion (and perhaps in the opinion of RYM owners) this is unfair.
Therefore, all users became either “supporters” or obviously “opponents”.
Only this time the supporters got the colored badge, and not the other way around.

Why do RYM personnel cause suffering that defies logic?
Because the targets of attacks are “opponents” who do not sacrifice.
The most dangerous opponents are those who do not sacrifice consciously.
Those who have made large contributions to the database and may consider RYM in debt.
This is my theory, my thoughts, which anyone can refute.

It didn’t take me long to find my executioner on RYM.
I did this even before openly contacting the administrator.
All this time I was hoping for a miracle to avoid exposure.
All my problems on RYM started after one message exchange.
A volunteer suggested that I reissue the release to RYM standards.
I have already published how users start having problems with this.

I tried to argue my position in three letters.
However, I only received a response to my first request.
But I received no warnings, or even a reproach for incorrectness.
My opponent did not have any administrative titles.
I did not communicate officially, I used irony, I warned about Google Translator.
I am ready to publish all my remarks and answer for every word.
I am ready to do this with any of my messages on the Internet for 15 years.

Over the past three years of his tyranny, this man has acquired the habits of a maniac.
I went to the public profilefourths”, which cost me my first block.
It seemed to me that I was in a room with newspaper clippings of crimes.

"fourths is a scumbag. she could propose Penis Music as a genre and it would get approved."
"I’ve never seen fourths vote for anything that makes sense"
"fourths genre votes make me want to die"
"geek rock LOL fourths stop making up genres"
"what are you on fourths"
"fourths showing up to a perfectly good genre page and ripping through it like a tornado"
"my biggest fear is fourths finding this"
"fourths you kind of ate there queen"
"dont worry fourths has an argument for that"
"fourths ruined the site"

The person who does not hide her 25 years calls herself “rym’s zillennial auntie
indie/rock discographer & popular music chronologist
distinguished genre theorycrafter & analyst, lvl 99 genromancer
rym’s weird and annoying (positive) zillennial transbian pegasister auntie
this is a hybrid poptimist–rockism friendly space

The next motto does not sound so transparent in the context of the supplement.
“wishlist = i can’t find it, let me know if u can help”
Not every artist can leave behind a minimal mark in music.
“fourths” is the founder of 19 musical genres.
Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Vapor, Bedroom Pop, New Music,
Kawaii Future Bass, Doskpop, Neo-Acoustic, Tropical Rock,
Indie Surf, Big Music, Honky-Tonk Piano, Math Pop,
Digital Fusion, New Rave, Livetronica, Geek Rock,
Shitgaze, Bardcore, Chap Hop

“fourths” offers to send donations to strange causes right away.

Only in one place can the users see the “fourths” status – “noblesse oblige”.
No one should be surprised when they are deprived of privileges rather than rights.
“fourths” not only does not warn about the upcoming blocking.
This person leaves no signs of his involvement in the RYM government.
At first I thought that from now on I would call RYM - Pony Princess.
But after the annotations for the sensational film, this is nothing less than Barbieland.
Now my lot is to dream of a place among the “newspaper clippings.”

RYM staff blocked another topic about a ban according to a proven scenario.
The author of the thread again deleted his title comment.

Inquiry regarding ban

dismissyourself [Post9213697] 29 Sep 2023, 14:53:35
Removed by user

sharifi (Developer) [Post9213701] 29 Sep 2023, 14:57:09
It’s not appropriate to make these kinds of threads discussing details of users in public. You can use support/feedback to contact us privately. In any case, I can tell you that we don’t publicly discuss bans, but we do discuss them with the person in question, so if it’s a mistake, we will work it out with them directly.
This thread is locked.

dismissyourself” a profile from the end of 2019 that doesn’t look like the main thing.
Only one release has a rating, but many friends and praise.
The owner of the profile does not hide his involvement in the Dismiss Yourself label.
It appears that RYM has once again revoked user rights without warning.
And as always, RYM does not allow the user to openly defend their rights.
RYM prefers to block users only anonymously.

RYM staff are well aware that they are constantly violating human rights.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 1
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Article 5
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
Article 7
All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.
Article 10
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.
Article 17
Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.
Article 19
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Article 30
Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

I would suggest that all RYM personnel become familiar with the following convention:
Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

RYM is a sophisticated system of extortion from music addicts.
Such a user usually always has something to lose.
The persecuted person receives a reduction in his status in stages.
But everyone always retains a chance for pardon through donations.
Indefinite punishments should subconsciously encourage this.

Castes in the RYM community as I see them now:
The founders of genres - decide issues of life and death.
Overseers - delete messages and block topics.
Volunteers - monitor content.
Donors - buy themselves guaranteed immunity.
Suppliers - add consistent content.

Dead souls - do not visit the community for more than 2 months.
Temporary - do not make donations.
Deaf - do not have the right to add music.
Deaf-mute - do not have the right to speak or add music.
Expelled - retain partial rights to their name only.
Consigned to oblivion - they lose the right to everything, including their name.

I will dwell on some statuses and manifestations.
I’ve been “deaf” for the last three years - I couldn’t add my favorite music.
It’s a problem if no one is adding the right music except you.
I filled out the fields on my lists manually as long as I had the patience.
At the same time, my profile was no different from any other.

At the end of August 2023, I became “expelled” - completely blocked forever.
A blank page with a 404 error (not found) - instead of my profile.
My ratings and lists were no longer accessible, but my name remained next to my content.
Instead of a profile, I ended up on a page with a blocking decision and a discussion window.
All that remains for me is a narrow strip in the upper right corner with an avatar, name and settings.
Available options include the right to copy personal ratings and reviews of films and music.
I also had access to personal lists, without the ability to correct them.
I retained access to old bookmarks on the forums, without the right to change.

After our negotiations, RYM transferred me to “deaf-mute” status.
Now I have no right to speak or add music, these signs are always before my eyes.
But for others, my profile is again no different from anyone else.
It’s been almost two months and I still feel sick when I go to this site.
I don’t know when full rehabilitation will take place, even if I get all my rights back.

Consigned to oblivion” - your avatar is empty, instead of your name there is a [deleted] sign.
And ratings, artist profiles and other contributions you make become the property of RYM.
This occurs when you agree to delete your account.
RYM staff provokes this in every way if there are no donations.
Don’t forget, when you’re having fun, RYM prisoners are watching you.

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