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Option or toggle to see median rating?


I really like this website, but I think due to the unfortunate way that ratings skew, it is often more informative of the general consensus to see the median rating of an album, especially when it comes to user reviews. Often it just takes one person to rate an album 10-20 to massively impact an album’s rating and therefore distort the general consensus about an album. As ratings become more numerous, this is usually less of a problem and in general there is no strong argument to prefer the median as a measure of central tendency, but especially because of albums with few ratings that are generally or sometimes overwhelmingly favorable and the cutoff for a rating turning yellow (which kind of subconsciously turns you off from checking it out if you’re just browsing) is only 70 I think this option would improve the experience of the website.

Love this website, thanks for all your hard work.