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Option to make reviews "unlikable" / possibility of private reviews

I wonder if it could be possible to restrict / prohibit other users from “liking” my reviews? There is already an option to restrict comments on reviews - could we implement something similar for “likes”? I apologize for the odd request, but this would really help make the site a better experience for me: someone less interested in the “social” aspects of the community, and more in simply cataloging, privately, my own ratings/reviews.

After some great feedback, I realize what I’m actually looking for is something like private reviews, visible only to me.

Thanks in advance.


so just private reviews. I don’t get the point of restricting likes when people are seeing them anyways. I do think the idea of private reviews or entries would be a great idea, but your solution to not wanting others to see your reviews is kinda pointless.


@lasgna_Lover Yeah, private reviews is basically what I’m looking for!

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private reviews would be cool, like unlisted reviews that only people you want to can see

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Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if those I follow could see these reviews, but no one else.

i got this message for some reason :neutral_face:lmfao