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People shouldn't be banned for such a long time over meme upload pictures on pre-albums

This is a cold argument that I wanted to talk about, people shouldn’t be banned for such a long time over meme upload pictures over albums that show the ability to do that.

Almost 7 months ago, on my Benji55 account (that I’m still active on, never really changed up) I uploaded a picture of Drake that was a meme on Certified Lover Boy before it came out, it was about him being short, nothing graphic, or inappropriate.

Although, I do deserve a punishment for it, I don’t think it should be such a long time as it is. No one can see the almost 500 ratings that I’ve done on this website, and tons of reviews that I post. I can’t really be in contact with the community and it is pretty annoying as it just seems like I’m a ghost no one can see.

I feel like people that have done a short, but punishable thing like posting meme album covers that have nothing bad in it shouldn’t have such a long time.

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You only lose your contribution ability for adding meme covers (something that is noted on the upload page itself).

The reason that your account was made inactive is due to you rating albums before they were released. You were given three chances to stop, but you still decided to rate something that wasn’t available yet. I think it’s fair to make an account like that inactive rather than have to monitor them constantly.

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I don’t know if you guys do indeed ban people for a long time for joking around, but hopefully you guys don’t, that was a big problem I had with RYM. If you don’t want jokes or the sort on your site that’s fine, but over there they would ban you from using a feature for nearly a year for adding a genre as a harmless joke to a small “Among Us” page that already was obviously not being taken seriously by anyone.

At the very least I hope its for like a week or something equivalent.