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Perfect music to read to

Hey there, recently I´ve been reading more books, especially by Kurt Vonnegut. It´s been a good time, but I´m having trouble finding the perfect background music for my experience. You see, If the music has very obvious vocals, it´s harder to pay attention to both the music and the book, or at least in my experience.

Anyways, please recommend me an album(s) that can benefit my experience.
Much love, Nich


As an ADHD-Andy, the only things that work for me are nature sounds, ambient noise walls, ambient drones (sometimes low-volume harsh noise can work too).

In that vein, anything by Cory Strand works for me, it’s minimalistic, it’s pretty much impossible to focus on, and it fades into the background.


Here are some records I like to put when I have to study, hope you find something interesting for you:

  • Discreet Music by Brian Eno
  • Structures from Silence by Steve Roach
  • The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski
  • Midtown 120 Blues by DJ Sprinkles
  • Harmony In Ultraviolet by Tim Hecker
  • A Winged Victory for the Sullen by A Winged Victory for the Sullen