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Periods when searching for artists


This is a really, really small nitpick but it’s annoyed me enough times that I want to be annoyed with it. When searching up artists with periods in their name (big k.r.i.t., J.i.d.), you have to type out each individual period (actually with J.I.D i can’t find a single way to search him up correctly, he just doesn’t show up). Is it possible this could just be fixed? Like you could just type “big krit” instead of “big k.r.i.t.”? You don’t have to type in the "$"s with Suicideboys.


Sorry, both of those are fixed now.

With the way it is now, I have to do them individually so if you think of anymore just let me know.

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These searches do not work for the following artists:

The search for “her” may work but the search results are limited to one page.

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