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Phone app anytime in the future?

I want to access this site on my phone easier. Will you ever think about launching an android or apple app for aoty anytime soon?


It would be nice, but there are no immediate plans.

I started on a responsive design for the site towards the end of last year, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on it. I’m hoping to get it completed at some point.


i would really like to see an AOTY app on android/IOS instead of the site on the browser, because i hate dealing with the browser on my phone and i would like to see how that’s gonna’ work out.


My brother just said that if there were an app he would use it almost every day. He said the layout is perfect and wouldn’t want it to change and I agree. I don’t mind using the site on my laptop but I almost guarantee if there were an app for the site so many more people would use it. You probably already know this but just thought I would remind you and hope it encourages you to work on this more!


get a laptop

i would greatly appreciate this too as i am on the go now most days

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it would be great

I’d like to be instantly logged in too; I think an app would make that easier. I’m always on my phone in desktop mode; it’s too zoomed in otherwise.

On iOS maybe we can create a direct acces on homescreen, but I can’t deal with this. I love this page but I preffer manage this on app. I’m looking for the Metacritic app but they do not have either. so I must use AnyDecentMusic app, until AOTY creates one.

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i’d be more than willing to write a mobile app for aoty for free! i love the site and would love to make it more accessible to mobile users.


I’d love to help as well.


Personally I would love an AOTY app, even if it had ads it would beat using the safari app

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