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Pitchfork Readers Poll


So the readers poll is out, you have until the 20th of December to use the feature.
Please post the link to your list, will be interesting to see!





Three rings! nice ugh
The Aldous Harding love is real here haha.


I’m pretty surprised Three Rings hasn’t shown up on more critic song lists. One of my favs this year.



Thanks for Lou The Human! missed this and its sounding goood.


thank BuffaloStaple for introducing me to his stuff and Lou the Human for the quality music.

Lou is definitely the most underrated artist of the year and top 3 best new artists of 2017 for me. Dude has a lot of potential and I hope that next year he continues to release great music. I’ve seen that he’s under a lot of people’s radars and more people should check him out. hope that next year will be Lou’s year, just like this year was Brockhampton’s.