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Please add new genres

Hey there, I think we need to add new genres. I know the site now lets you add them as “suggestions” even if they aren’t registered as genres, but there´s some we need ASAP. You can reply this post with those genres you think that need to be added so @Rob can see them and add them.

I think we need a Tango genre, for artists like Piazzolla, Goyeneche and Gardel that cannot be fitted elsewhere.

Also some distinction for Andean Folk music, specially for the Nueva Canción Latinoamericana which is to folk what conscious rap is to hip hop. I think Latin Folk could be a good distinction that can include many artists without being too generalizing.

Cumbia needs to be added as a genre too. Latin Pop simply isn’t enough because many people already use that genre for generic pop music releases from latin america rather than for those that use latin traditional styles. Same as merengue, bachata, cuarteto, traditional flamenco, Salsa and Samba. If we could add distinctions like “cumbia pop” and “cumbia villera” I wouldn’t complain tbh.

What genres do you think need to be added?

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Modal jazz. I think it was a genre at one point but removed. I’m pretty sure post-bop is also for some reason not a genre on AOTY. They should also consider adding orchestral pop. On that same note there is both a genre for Metal and Heavy Metal. Shouldn’t one be removed? Same with Punk and Punk Rock.

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Avant-garde also should be considered. I kinda get this one not being on, as it is very similar to Experimental, but it should be considered.

Harsh noise wall, Memphis rap and, japanoise come to mind.

Genres like “noise rap” and “post-rap” aren’t fully considered genres, but I feel have enough momentum and do deserve recognition as genres.