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Plex Meta Manager - API (specifically lists)

I’d love to be able to connect Plex with AOTY. In particular, it would be great to use Plex Meta Manager (PMM) to automatically build collections or playlists based on the AOTY year end lists.

For example, I could point Plex through PMM to to create a collection in Plex of NMEs top 50 albums of 2022 and populate it with any of them that I have in my local storage. I have PMM doing something similar for all sorts of movie and TV show lists (eg IMDB top rated, Trakt trending, Oscar winners etc) but looks like it’s not possible for music and integrating with AOTY.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice on where to start? Looks like someone developed a python script that pulls specific user information from AOTY but I’m only interested in the lists.