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Potential Solution: Polarising Ratings that Majorly Affect User Scores

Just a suggestion, but I’ve noticed across the site that there are many instances where users have gone to an album page and rated it a polarising number like 0-10 or 90-100, all of which of course could be valid ratings, but given how polarising they are, and are often clearly inputed to either actively stan or hate on an artist, I wonder if a better system to limit the amount of troll ratings like this would be a possibility. As a genuine music fan, the many accounts that do this simply make the viewing expereince of the site a tad questionable.

Potentially to rate an album anything within the 0-10 or 90-100, the ten extremes on both ends, a review is required with it? For one, it would discourage trolls to take the time to write out a review just for the sake of trolling the ratings. Additionally, this way if it is clear that the review attached to said extreme rating is a troll, as oppposed to a genuine opinion based vote, it can be reported or removed?

I know its definitely a difficult situation to manoeuvre but I feel something like that would make the overall experience on this site for genuine music lovers a lot more engaging and encouraging.

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