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Print-only critic review

An album (Origin of Symmetry by Muse) is missing a review from Q Magazine and since Q Magazine got terminated along with it’s website I can’t add the review with a link to it, and the only way to access it now is to buy a copy of the magazine online, but I can’t really do that.
The rating is well documented online through various websites, and the album itself even got nominated as Q Magazine’s 74º best album of all times, so it would be a shame that it couldn’t be added.
Today I saw the album Elephant by The White Stripes with a rating by Q Magazine that was added one month ago with the “Print Only” tag instead of the link to the review, and I was wondering, can that be done for Origin of Symmetry too?
Q Magazine gave it a 5/5 stars.


Claro que puedes añadir reseñas “Only Print” pero tienen que estar referenciadas a alguna pagina como por ejemplo fishboard o Oldies o algun recorte de la revista.

Rob ya te ha aceptado la reseña.

Un saludo.