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Problems in the log-in through Facebook

Hi @Rob, hi all. I have a problem in connecting to AOTY with my main account (@AndreManfre93) through Facebook. I get an error message saying that “the app has been disabled” or something similar.

May I kindly ask you for some support here?

Many thanks!

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Sorry about this. I’m currently waiting on an appeal to get the app active again on Facebook. I needed to add some language to the Privacy Policy to be compliant.

Logging in via FB is currently working for me so it may be only affecting a certain subset of users.

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Thanks Rob. Just for your information: also today the same issue :frowning:

Hi @Rob,

I also would like to say that from yesterday I cannot log to AOTY via Facebook as well. I will be glad to hear any updates on this issue. My main account is @lazuli.

Thank you!

Same for me

Sorry that it’s taking so long. The initial appeal was declined late today, but I’ve updated the policy again and resubmitted the appeal. Hoping it should be back to normal by tomorrow.

It actually looks like this has been resolved now. Can anyone confirm that it’s working for them now?


Many thanks Rob! It is working for me now!


Finally works for me lets go

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