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hey, here is my profile
and im looking for recommendations
my favorite genres are
hip hop and jazz
i love cloud rap, and experimental hip hop since u cant dm on the main site
reply under here for recs please

Definitely some sounds I feature on my weekly playlist- click follow and check it out!

For Hip-Hop i’ve been listening to recently:
Deltron 3030 - S/T A concept album about a robot rap-battling its way to the top to try and defeat a fascist society
Clouddead - S/T psychedelic and abstract cloud-rap
DJ Shadow - The Private Press not as good as Endtroducing, but somehow underrated, still very good
Nujabe - Modal Soul instrumental Hip-Hop (a few features) mostly chill and Jazzy

I’m still new to Jazz, but for some hybrid stuff:
Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Hejira and Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter are 4 great singer-songwriter albums with a lot of Jazz influence
Steely Dan’s entire 70’s run is fantastic Jazz-Pop/Rock
Fiona Apple - When the Pawn… more great Jazz-Pop

I do think Miles Davis’ Someday My Prince Will Come is underrated, Wynton Kelly is a great pianist and it stands out on that record

If you haven’t heard Flying Lotus - You’re Dead! you are missing out!

For some different recs:

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter a fantastic, warm folk record
Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling South Korean acoustic-electro, very chill
Burial - Untrue the electronic soundscape of London at night
London Grammar - If You Wait Dream-Pop/Trip-Hop chill, with amazing female vocals

If you’d like more just ask!

I love Bree Runway and NEO 10Y - both totally visionary

Great jazz rap cut from last year - Don Malik the Cactus Flower (with full English subtitles): 선인장화: MALIK THE CACTUS FLOWER - YouTube

Experimental shit - XXX - Language - LANGUAGE (구 영상) - YouTube

Jazz & Soul:

Kim Oki - Saturn Meditation: 김오키(Kim Oki) - Saturn Meditation (2018) [Full Album] - YouTube

Samuel Seo - Unity II - [Full Audio] 서사무엘 (Samuel Seo) - 'UNITY ll' - YouTube

Naul - Sound Doctrine - [나얼 2집 - Sound Doctrine] - YouTube

Mid-Air Thief’s Crumbling is phenomenal. First time I listened to it I didn’t know what the hell was happening.