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Reccommend me bad music

Pretend you have to torture me through some headphones to get some valuable information,
and will play shit music ad nauseam until I yield.

What album would you put through those headphones that you think I will absolutely
loathe or be bored to death from?

What will make me have a panic attack and make me want to tear off my ears, but can’t because
my arms and legs are tied?

Reccommend me anything really. It just has to be bad.

Leticia Sabater - La Bananakiki - Reviews - Album of The Year

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Camilo - Mis Manos - Reviews - Album of The Year

One of the most obvious suggestions would be Angelic 2 the Core, but I would also want to include FANTAXY VXID. and SCORPIO.

Mark of the beast - Shaffer the darklord

Pentatonix - We need a little christmas

BrokeNCYDE - I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It! - Reviews - Album of The Year

Meco - Christmas in the Stars - Reviews - Album of The Year

Pastor And Mrs. Jim Colerick - Rappin’ for Jesus! - Reviews - Album of The Year

"1 hour long, 2 raw sine waves from a mixing board with no input. feels like a microscopic laser or drill boring a hole through your brain, in one ear and out the other. im convinced it actually destroys brain cells with each listen. becomes physically painful very quickly

hard to rate! its so unlistenable, but such an important experiment in deconstruction and minimalism - im glad it exists! and if not that then its at least funny to recommend to people"

“disorienting and nightmarish. possibly cursed. you have no frame of reference for this. don’t listen to it. 7 days”

AlexMusic - meme
this is -100/100
just two kids talkin trash on beats. some postmodernistic metairony joke by their dad i think. they “rapping” about poop in soup about pizza time PIZZA TIME yuoooo hooooo…PIZZA! poop! poop in soup!))))

Welcome to the black parade (Steve Aoki remix)

Also anything else from steve aoki (he is really bad lol)

I wouldn’t wanna recommend something I dislike :):slight_smile: