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Remove The Needle Drop

Please remove him from the critics list, he’s not a real expert, just a self-empowered private person giving his opinions.

Most of the time he is off the mark and contrary to what other critics say, for example:

His evaluation often influences ratings of actually good music in a bad way.


Given his popularity, he kind of functions as a legitimate critic at this point. Other critics don’t really have more or less credence than he does, the only difference is that they write their opinions for a magazine while he writes his for a several-million subscriber YouTube channel.

Plus, I don’t really feel like saying someone is “contrary to what other critics say” is a fair point… critics give wildly different reviews to the same album all the time, and nobody calls for their removal from the site solely based on that.

Saying that he “influences ratings of actually good music in a bad way” suggests that there is objectively good music and thus objectively bad ratings, which kind of goes against the whole point of AOTY, doesn’t it?


Contrary? Bro Pitchfork rated Peppa Pig higher than Silk Sonic, Nas, Ye.


But magazines have some responsibility for their readers and write everything down, so the reviews are long-lasting.

I am generally against any Youtube review, because videos can be deleted at any time.

I would argue The NeedleDrops is an expert. At least as much as many individual critics who happen to write for major publications. But more importantly he is influential. He has more than 2 million subscribers and 750 million page views. That’s huge. He’s been reviewing for 11 years.

I understand being upset if a critic doesn’t like an album that you love but that is simply his opinion. It should have no effect on your opinion. Some of my favorite albums get dumped on by major publications. So they’re wrong. No big deal.


Ok, another suggestion: it would be good if in the count for Must Hear Albums, for example, you could set which critics’ reviews you want and which not, so I can choose my favorite magazines and exclude some local like the Irish Times that I don’t want. Some 79ers would be Must Hear, if The NeedleDrops hadn’t downvoted them.

nah you’re just a fuckin idiot

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Wouldn’t argue that he has had some atrocious takes in the past - Golden Hour and Swimming for example. But to say that he isn’t a legitimate critic because he’s “off the mark and contrary” is wrong. Critic is defined as “a person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works, especially one who does so professionally”. Which, as far as i’m aware, the shoe fits.


Eh, bad take. TND has super based takes sometimes, just not all the time lol

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lol. I don’t like the guy, but what makes him illegitimate vs any critic writing for a publication? Because he didn’t go to music critic school?

Conceptually I don’t see how his thing differs from any other non corporate owned digital publication.

I’m sorry he didn’t like your favorite album and its tanking its score here. The good news is we’ll all be dead someday and all of this is meaningless.

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As much as I disagree with what he has to say about most albums, he has just as equal as an opinion as anyone else. the only difference is that since he has millions of followers across multiple social media platforms and has shown that he has an understanding of music as a whole time and time again, it is totally fair for him to be considered a big-time critic just as much as Pitchfork, XXL, AllMusic, etc.

I guess the only difference is that he is an indivudial vs the rest are usually companies or publications ran by plenty of people. Plus, you are introducting the idea that his opinion should not be broadcasted because people are too influenced by him. Why should he get repercussed for that when it’s a problem with those who follow him?


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“This person has a different opinion than other people so his doesn’t count.”

Please remove user reviews and ratings, they’re just a self-empowered private person giving opinions.

Their evaluation often influences ratings of actually good music in a bad way.


I just want to note that he is the only Youtube reviewer in the list, which is quite strange. There are certainly many more who review music via video platforms. So why does he get this special position? Only because of the large number of views? A large audience does not make or qualify a (good) critic.

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echo-chamber. dont tolk with them. thats useless

He’s like the only major music critic on Youtube that gives out numbered scores

Well, if there were other “relevants” Youtube reviewers then it’d be no issue, I guess. But since it isn’t so, I don’t see a reason for TND being considered a critic.