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Reporting releases

A while ago, despite the music being on spotify and youtube and not being actively promoted, a friend of mine sent me a screenshot that a band they had added to this site had their page terminated. This was supposedly for the reason of being promoting the band’s music, which would’ve been their own. While neither case i think was true from what i can tell, it does beg the question: how do you report a release?

I’ve seen multiple people promote their own music and if it’s not allowed, i’d like to help the website a bit with this, but there’s only submit correction, which i’m not sure if the right way to. I used that only for when people added a wrong album cover, tracklisting or something of the likes. If anyone could be able to help me i’d be very thankful.

Yeah you can use the submit correction feature to report releases. I’ve used it for a lot of stuff.