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Review and rating count disparity

I’ve noticed the past few months that my review and rating count - which is balanced - can swing out by one or two but then correct itself automatically a few days later. Now for example, I have one more review than rating… but not one of my reviews shows a missing rating… can someone tell me how this works?

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This is most likely due to an album being removed from the site or two albums being combined. The rating count is updated at the time of rating so it won’t update to the correct number until you rate another album. (I do also have a script that I run sometimes that will get the number in sync as well).

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is that something I can do too?

yeah my number’s still messed up could you fix it pls

? @Rob

I have the same issue. Literally like 4 days ago I had 150 and 150, but today I have 158 and 157 so I looked through everything that I did in the last week to see if I rated something without leaving a review and I really couldn’t find anything. I also tried reviewing + rating something else but that didn’t reset the numbers back to normal for me

@Rob mine’s gone again

@Rob could you take a look?