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Review Bombing

It’s a Whimsical Afterlife by Avenade had made it to the #1 album spot for the user score. Due to this, some users decided to give it a 0. Is there a a way to prevent/combat this? It’s pretty unfair to the artist. image


Yeah, I agree that a report option should be added to ratings and reviews. And also, more staff. You guys neglected to fix the corrections to the IAWA release date, and then this happened.


Adding reports to reviews would be a great feature, ratings would be too hard to police. And adding staff to review them (and the correction backlog, among other things) would be AMAZING.

Other music rating sites use some kind of algorithm or formula (user rDev average?) to reduce the rate weighting of accounts whose rates are really wild, like all 100s and 0s or something. Maybe I can find out what it is…


This practice of bombing with Zeroes actually works at times when other fans bomb their favourite artist’s album with 100s