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Reviews and ratings random delete

Seems like this website is not really for independent artists. so now friends and fans that are new to this website cannot rate and review your album!??! you just deleted 40 honest, real reviews, by real people, who took the time to support and never heard of your website. I don’t care about the score they gave, they all put an effort and wrote a review after listening to the album, and you just deleted everything, without even checking logins/IP/Country?!?! it’s all real people, not one account!!
I hope you can recover it. this is ridiculous.
I expect an explanation and resolution.


haha this is a joke!!! now you’re putting back reviews one by one but not the rating?!
If you count it as a legit review so it’s also a legit rating! stop messing around! it’s all real people!!

No reviews were deleted. Every album is treated the same way whether it be the world’s biggest artist or an independent artist.

Hi Rob, this is not correct.
here’s an example from a couple of days ago (that’s the last screenshot I have, yesterday I had over 40 reviews and ratings, now it’s all gone).
Check for yourself:

Here’s a screenshot from a couple of days ago, it was already 14, which is more then the number it shows today!

The ratings / reviews still exist for those users, they just aren’t included in the overall score for the album for the sake of authenticity.

Wrong. they sent me screenshots, they are marked as spam.
plus, all the written reviews are gone.
Come on Rob, check yourself, I wouldn’t spend my time complaining and arguing on multiple platforms if it wasn’t right.

Rob? Any answer about this?