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@rob / quick help!

Hey Rob!
I just finished my all time ranked list.
I spent a year adding all the albums I listened to in full length.
I am now ready to rank them.
The only problem going on is that I am not able to edit the list.
When I press the edit button to rank all my hard work I just get a blank white screen.
Is there anyway this can be fixed or explained?
How can I get access to the editing process of this specific list so I can finish up the rankings to all my ratings in my lifetime of listening to albums.

This is the beautiful list by the way!
I get a blank white screen everytime I try to edit my rankings and finish up my list.
I need access to the list so I can use it properly.
That’s all!
Thank you for creating the Greatest Music Reviewing Site On The Internet.

Not trying to bother you in anyway man.
But I want to be able to rank the albums I added to my all time ranked list.
But when I press edit, I just get a blank white screen.
Can I get a fix to this problem.
Or get an explanation to why this occurs?
Anyways, have a great weekend Rob!
You are a legend to the Internet Music Community!

Again, sorry if I come off as bugging you.
I am not trying to in any way. :grin::grin::grin: