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Score Curves Removed Completely?


I was recently looking at the Top All Time Rated albums, and I noticed that the order has changed pretty dramatically. Many albums had their aggregate score changed. I remember there being a score curve for Pitchfork, but I did some math, and I see that there isn’t a noticeable score curve anymore. Were they removed?


Yeah, all publications are scored evenly now so the order of ranking may be off, but the overall score shouldn’t be all that different.


Thanks for clearing this up! Personally, I prefer this system over the old one. I stopped using Metacritic because they tend to curve scores heavily, and I prefer seeing numbers that aren’t tampered with.

Also, on an unrelated note, thank you for keeping in contact with your users!


En la actualidad es mejor asi , porque SPIN no pone rating ahora, NME esta sobrevalorada desde 2014 y Pitchfork en los 90s era una pagina de aficionados.

Lo veo correcto Rob