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Shortcut To World Peace by NEO 10Y

Has anyone else heard ‘Shortcut To World Peace’? It just came out on 01.01

I was first introduced when they released Stan Yourself and then Y was reviewed in here and got 85, and we were talking about how NEO 10Y could be one of the next big artists to break out and it makes sense with their conscious message and intention of this song and their body of work. It’s a real trip, the way it breaks down and evolves is really inspiring. On social media people have been comparing to Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson etc. but I personally think it’s the type of artistry we haven’t really experienced before.

A vibe.

I did manage to stumble upon their music earlier this year. They embrace some hyperpop qualities, very comparable to Dorian Electra. Highly recommend Dorian if you’re a fan of the sound.