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Should The Needle Drop’s NOT GOOD-rated albums be given a Zero?

Anthony Fantano discusses if “NOT GOOD” is worse than a 0/10?

Hey guys!

Anthony Fantano uploaded an interesting video regarding whether an album that’s rated “NOT GOOD” is worse than a 0/10. Recent examples on NG are Trippie Redd & Ed Sheeran’s latest albums and Chance the Rapper’s debut album is prbly his most widely known 0/10.

In a nutshell, he states that listens to every album several times while preparing his reviews. NOT GOOD albums, per Fantano, are so bad he doesn’t even give it the benefit of multiple listens.

I bring this up to ask a question: when submitting album reviews for The Needle Drop, should one select “0” if the album received NG, based on the criteria stated by Anthony?


I don’t think so bc he also basically said a 0 is not analogous to NG. In the case of The Big Day I feel like he had to have listened to that multiple times (if not, he was able to recall an impressive number of details about a ~80 minute project based on just one listen).

I’d like to point out he also occasionally attaches ratings on RYM that aren’t stated in the review. For example he did a quickie review of Saba’s Care For Me where he gives it a “meh” but on RYM he rates it a 5/10. Granted it looks like he hasn’t updated that account in over a year so I’m not sure how much we should consider it.