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Similar artists is broken - make it possible to vote for them?

After using the site for a while I’m noticing that the Similar Artists section is pretty unreliable and inconsistent. I’m not sure how it’s determined but it seems to be based off the genres an artist makes, and then the most popular artist within those genres. Sometimes it works super well! But other times it leaves you with artists with virtually no relation at all. Take for example this screenshot:

Knock2 is a majority house/bass house artist. Now take for example, Drake, who has released a single house-leaning album in a sea of pop rap and R&B releases. There is virtually no similarity between these two artists, but the algorithm puts them together.
This is why I think it would be an excellent change to the site to make it possible to vote on the similar artists. The algorithm (along with users) can propose artists that it might consider similar, but the users who listen to the music and artists involved can vote for whether or not they think there is a strong enough similarity to justify linking the artists together. I think it could be a really positive change for the site and would make it easier for users to find music close to what they like based on other releases. Thoughts?

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