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Song in album of rating

how can I rate the songs of the album, it shows that ‘‘NR’’ in my account.

The answer to this question varies.

Do you mean this?


If you want to rate a track within an album (if that album has Track ratings on), you can click on “Rate Tracks” next to the Track List title on the main album page.


Do note that most of the albums currently don’t have the option to let you rate tracks. Track ratings are relatively new and are only a few months old. More popular albums usually have the option to let you rate it.

Another reason why you might not have access to rating tracks is because the album has not officially released yet. Albums that aren’t released yet will allow others to rate the album in general, but track ratings may not be enabled for that album until the album has officially released.

If the “Rate Tracks” button is not there, or you’re having an other issue with the track lists of the album, could you reply and insert the link to the album you are trying to rate?