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Special characters mess up searches

Tried to search for the band Kostnatění with the search term “kostnateni” and it wouldn’t come up… it only comes up in the search if you include both accents, which forces you to copy and paste the term from a different source.

This happens for any artist with accents or other special characters in their name, and is going to make some artists hard to find

Individually notifying you (Rob, assuming you read this) about each one doesn’t really solve anything just due to the sheer number of artists that will be affected by this (there are hundreds of thousands of artists with accents or periods or whatever in their names), and creates a lot of extra work for both you AND the users. Implementing some kind of change to the way your search works seems like the most efficient way to go about things


Searching for “Alexander O’Neal” returns the correct result. “alexander oneal” doesn’t. This will create a lot of confusion

Nothing will appear if you search for “f(x)”, but pretty much any of their albums will appear when you search for its name. Awkward.

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“snail’s house” returns the correct result but “snails house” doesn’t. this is very broken, never run into this problem on a site this size before