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It would be nice to have the option to add Split EPs by linking multiple artists to an album instead of adding combined artist entries to the database, any plans for this feature?


i’ve added quite a bit of split records onto this site so something like this would be really great actually.


thirded!! I’m in the process of transferring a ton of rates of RYM, and I listen to a lot of grindcore so a lot of it’s in splits, but there’s just no ACCURATE way to add them to AOTY as of yet. lots of bands’ primary format are splits!

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Lots of bands releasing splits in 2020 that I can’t add to the site because there’s no functionality for any kind of multi-artist release, other than just making a new Artist profile for each one, separate from the artists actually involved

that means no splits, no collaborations, no VA compilations, and a lot of mixtapes cant be added still

That’s the only way to do it for now unfortunately. Create a combined artist and make a correction note about it.

Z.Younk has about 2,000 of these outstanding right now so I understand it’s not the ideal method, but I don’t have a timeline for updating the functionality of this.

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On the back end I can split the artists so that they show up on each individual artist’s page like you see here:

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Rob I hate to tell you this but I have literally thousands of splits I want to submit, lol. This is going to be a challenge. Appreciate the tip tho, will look for or make a thread for adding these