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St. Vincent's MASSEDUCTION: Will it suck?

So it seems like people are a little unhappy with what we’ve heard so far of St. Vincent’s new record. General consensus is that “New York” is too simple for her usual sound and “Los Ageless” is a shameless pop grab? I think there’s some truth to both statements, but I’m still holding out hope for the record.

I have to say that the piano and vocal rendition of “New York” she did on Colbert this week was really nice. The cascading melody in the second chorus gave real Marry Me vibes.

“Los Ageless” was ok too, although I hope she’s not sacrificing a full band for repetitive leg-ography.

I remember around when she dropped “Digital Witness” there were accusations that she was focusing too much on image and not enough on music - those accusations are surely harder than ever since she’s spent the past few years in the fashion world. The fact that Jack Antonoff produced the album also hints that “Los Ageless” won’t be the only pop track. I can see how someone might think all of this combined with her recent Grammy win would make her want to pander to the mainstream more.

Still, if he could pull together something like Melodrama, I think there’s hope yet with Annie Clark at the wheel. She described this album as being a “sea change” in her music, and I think she still has enough maturity in her songwriting to know how to put together a good product. We will find out next week.

Also I was initially not a fan of her hair for this album cycle, but these promo photos won me over.

tl;dr: Yes it will

I don’t think it will suck, but it probably won’t be a highlight of the year for me. The last album was a step back in my opinion, and I do agree with your statement about her being more interested in style over the music at this point. I don’t think it’s fair to write her off at this point though, it could just be the period she is in right now.


yes it will
expect a first reaction for that album

So she debuted the album in its entirety at her concert this past weekend, like a stan, I watched the whole thing:

So far… I’m not sure what to think. Some songs seem a little underwritten and “Smoking Section” is a super downer of a closing track (not really in a good way).

Moments of intrigue for me:
-“Pills” is a pretty wacky song that has the kind of dry humor of “Jesus Saves I Spend.” Like “Los Ageless” it’s got this extended outro that’s pretty different from the actual song but has this pretty nice faux-patriotism to it that I like.
-Both this song and “Sugarboy” have some pretty aggressive vocals!!! “Sugarboy” also has some freaky choir samples, briefly works in the guitar part from “Los Ageless” in an interesting way and gets pretty funky near the end!
-“Fear the Future” is pretty apocalyptic, but can it top “Grot”???
-“Young Lover” is almost certainly about Cara Delevingne, and portrays her as a drug addict od’ing in a bathtub.
-“Dancing With a Ghost” is orchestra-backed and has what sounds like a pitched down Clark vocal? Not super pitched down, maybe not even a full octave.
-Title track has some vocoder on the hook and the background video is a phone made of cake getting shmushed

I dunno what to expect with the studio version since I think St. Vincent is one of the few artists who’s honestly better live. She sometimes makes recording choices I don’t really agree with (mixing the drums WAY too quiet in the second half of “Huey Newton,” losing the crazy percussive effects on “Bring Me Your Loves”) but I guess we’ll have to see.

Reviews coming in so far are very positive but that’s surely at least partially based on the rep she’s gained up to this point. Maybe they know something we don’t though…


Probably Not.

I’m probably gonna love it but I’m still looking forward to pouls’ inevitable reaction.

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these critics think that they’re strong giving this a 91 and that shit
hell no
they’re weak
they’re not gonna handle a first reaction from pouls


  • Best new music
  • nah they’re gonna give the album a 7.6 and leave

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already voted… for my own poll

Oh man I remember when they gave Marry Me an 8.0 then Actor an 8.5 then Strange Mercy a 9 and I spent all of 2012-2013 thinking she was going to land the 9.5. By the time she dropped “Digital Witness” I’d lost hope though. Also when’s the last time Pitchfork gave a woman a 9.5?

Anyway I think they’ll give it a low BNM. Like an 8.4 maybe.

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I don’t have faith in Pitchfork

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Pouls listening to MASSEDUCTION:


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thank you for the new profile picture!

lmfao they actually did it.

Probably my last post on here, but I got on St. Vincent’s email list and she sent out the expected “album is out” message but she titled it “I can’t turn off what turns me on” (a lyric from the title track) and gmail sent that shit straight to my spam folder with the other sexbot messages lol

my dudes this is lowkey the most depressing video i’ve ever seen

She seemed so awkward during the interview part of this??? I liked her original little tagline about the Ernie Ball guitar leaving room for “a breast or two” but lately when she talks about it she just talks vaguely about its design and makes sure to use the word ‘ergonomic’ at least once.

Was she nervous??? Girl, you have more Grammys than Johnny Depp has Oscars.

Of course it will suck! It is St Vincent, all her crap sucks!

Imagine not liking St.Vincent lmfao.
AOTY confirmed for pleb hideout?