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When looking under best progressive rock albums of 2021, it shows subgenres like avant-prog but not ones like progressive metal and djent. Should be fixed.

That’s because progressive metal and djent aren’t subgenres of progressive rock.

I really think we should be given a column to submit new genres as RYM does. There’s a lot missing from AOTY, like Birdsong and Tango Nuevo

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Prog metal isn’t prog rock? I suppose it’s not metal either.

That’s exactly why it isn’t a subgenre from progressive rock.

  • Rock
    • Progressive Rock
    • Metal
      • Progressive Metal
        • Djent

Both progressive rock and metal are rock subgenres, but progressive metal isn’t a progressive rock subgenre.

You can suggest new genres with the genre voting feature. For a new genre to be added, it needs 2 or 3 more votes I think.

I misspoke, it’s not a subgenre, but a crossover genre, meaning all prog metal is both prog rock and metal.

Not really. Genres usually don’t work like that, even if it’s kind of stupid, but yeah, progressive metal isn’t actually progressive rock. It would make sense to have both progressive rock and progressive metal under some sort of “vanilla” progressive tag.