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"Submit correction" thread

A correction you submitted on AOTY is taking weeks or even months to be reviewed, and is bothering you greatly at the moment? Post your grievances it in this thread and @Rob will likely get it fixed up in a more reasonable amount of time! Keep it to suggestions that have been pending for at least a few weeks, though! I’ll start…

The cover art for Pink Floyd’s Meddle should be updated with a higher quality image.

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There’s no evidence for this single’s existence. It does not appear in Ephixa’s official discographies on Bandcamp, Spotify, or Soundcloud. It also does not appear in Monstercat’s list of releases, and no such single appears on his Discogs listing either.

Are you saying this isn’t a single? A quick search makes it seem like the song does exist.

The song appears on the album Monstercat 001 - Launch Week , but was never released as it’s own single.


This artist page should be removed. Silver Mt. Zion changes their name all the time and all of their records are correctly under their current title “Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra”.

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Correct: Sean Paul feat. Dua Lipa

(4d ago)

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org/album/156706-dua-lipa-no-lie.php

Correct: Anitta & Marília Mendonça

(2mo ago)

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org /album/189037-anitta-some-que-ele-vem-atrs.php

“Cheryl Cole” to “Cheryl”

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org/artist/713-cheryl-cole/


(links are broken because the system is blocking me for “spam”.)

Correct: Anitta & MC Cabelinho

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org/album/201139-anitta-at-o-cu.php

Correct: Anitta, Ludmilla & Snoop Dogg - Onda Diferente (feat. Papatinho)

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org/album/163974-anitta-onda-diferente.php

Correct: Anitta & Kevinho

https:// www. albumoftheyear .org/album/138652-anitta-terremoto.php

Correct: Anitta & JetLag

https:// www. albumoftheyear. org/album/140181-anitta-z-do-caroo.php

Correct: Anitta & Maluma

https:// www. albumoftheyear. org/album/66929-anitta-sim-ou-no.php

There are two versions of The Weeknd’s single “Rockin”.

Can you kindly delete one of them and possibly merge the number of ratings? Thanks!


There is a duplicate of an EP, one under the correct artist name, and one under the wrong one.



Important to note that I made this mistake due to being unable to add “featured artists” to the EP. This is a collaborative effort from artists Harmless and Onsen under the name Elio, but it is still listed everywhere as “Elio, Onsen & Harmless”. If possible, it would be ideal to have it under the name of Elio, and adding Harmless and Onsen as featured artists to make sure it appears on their discography.


Nitrolysis and JustSomeGuy both have unresolved corrections to merge these two entries, as they are both on the same album. I would suggest to keep the artwork of the newer entry, though, as it is a higher quality image of the artwork without labels. The common name for the album is simply More as well – Allmusic, Wikipedia, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pink Floyd’s official website refer to it as simply More, and not Soundtrack from the Film More or More (Original Film Soundtrack)

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This is more of an urgent one; “Time Travel Kool Aid” by Ephixa & Half an Orange was released today (4 February 2020). The date, along with genre “Synthpop” and featured artists “Ephixa” and “Half an Orange” should be added, in addition to a change of release type from “LP” to “Single”. Also of note, Ephixa & Holder’s “Cobra” and Ephixa & Heartful’s “2080” are missing their respective featured artists, and all of Ephixa’s tracks are missing their suggested genres.

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Jumpman has an official single cover

Add this to the individual artist pages

Add this to the individual artist pages

these all need to be added to the individual pages:

Hold up. I just checked Amazon Music, Apple Music, Qobuz, Spotify, Discogs, and Allmusic, and there doesn’t seem to be a record of any “Jumpman” single being available to purchase or stream. Do you have any source to verify that there even is a “Jumpman” single on any platform outside of being a track on the album What a Time to Be Alive? Where did this “official single cover” come from? Was it ever used in any sale of a “Jumpman” single, or just an image the artists threw up online?

It’s the image that is used on wikipedia where the song is also classified as a single. Rob already fixed it so it’s all good now

This is not proof that there is a single being sold or available to stream, though. Nor is it proof that such a single has this artwork. :confused:

It was a single. Artists usually take down the single version of songs after the album comes out a lot of the time. It was a single that was sent to radio as said on the Wikipedia article. It’s even one of future and drakes top billboard hits

It’s also classified as a single on rateyourmusic with the same artwork

But this single allegedly came out after the album (10 November), and not before? Qobuz very rarely takes down singles and it’s not on there, and searches of both Drake’s Amazon and iTunes/Apple Music pages on the Wayback Machine proved fruitless. Both Wikipedia and RYM are sites in which users create the content, and Wikipedia’s only source for a promo single being sent to radio is the All Access listings, which are just listings of songs “impacting” radio, and not necessarily of when CDs are going to be solicited to radio, if any. Stations are known to use methods other than physical CDs to play songs:

Three of our markets right out of the gate were sharing the same MP3 [ripped] off YouTube. (source)

There needs to be either a live or archived link to a “Jumpman” single on a commercial outlet such as Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, ect. to verify that there was/is a single out there and/or there needs to be reliable proof, like a photograph or scan of the CD itself, that a promo CD of “Jumpman” is even out there.