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Submitting album tracklists for verification

Having noticed that an album can only obtain individual ratings on songs if the release is notable enough for a moderator to verify it, I think it would be worth developing a system in which once a tracklist is added to any release, it can be checked over by a moderator and confirmed.

I think it is a shame that a release has to be notable for tracks to be rated individually, so developing a system like this would help indicate the general reception of tracks in all releases, not just those with a larger presence. Additionally, it could also mean that more artists can be linked to releases they feature on, as a large majority of artist profiles are not linked to the page of the features. As AOTY is a site in which a full discography of an artist can be compiled and made accessible in one location, it would make sense to have their features also accessible, especially given the fact that an artist’s most important/popular track could be on an album that isn’t there own.


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