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Suggestion: Automatically rate album from track rating

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know if there is an option to automatically rate an album based on my track rating – for example, if the sum of all tracks rated in an album equals 89, it would be amazing if the system could produce the sum automatically and add the result to album rate.

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That would make it so much easier! It’s so hard for me to pick an actual score for an album and that’s usually what takes half of the time.

My only problem would be with albums like ‘Golden Hour’ by Kacey Musgraves. On that album, not all songs are perfect, but it’s the experience that makes it a perfect album for me. What would you do at that point?

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It depends. In my way of doing, if the whole album is an experience, but not the individual tracks, I don’t rate the tracks, just the album. In other cases, I rate only the tracks I enjoy most and change the album rate based on the whole experience like you do. But I do that because I use MusicBee as a player and organizer, so it’s good to rate everything just to be able to form playlists based on individual track ratings.

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This is a very good idea! It seems to me that it would be better if the album were not rated automatically (because this would only complicate the user experience for the overwhelming majority of people). Just the sum of your track ratings were simply shown on your screen.


Definitely! I love rating an album, but I think personal experience is going to outweigh overall thoughts any day. It’s why there are so many noise albums that are so conflicted in rating; because it depends on what you like.

If you could have both your rating and the sum of each song, I feel like that would be a great balance.

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It’s not how I would rate an album, but it would be a decent additional feature for those who want to use it.