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Suggestion for new feature

Just a simple suggestion and one that might seem unnecessary, but what if there was a random album picker? say i wanted to listen to and maybe review a new album but couldn’t be bothered picking one,

have a button to press that will randomly pick an album and have filters so you could pick a random album rated between 0 to 50 level rated or say 30 to 100 level ratings and you could have a filter for genres so you could randomly pick any metal album rated between 50 to 80 etc or any hip-hop, rock or jazz albums rated 70+ etc, you get what i mean,

Alternatively i was thinking maybe you could spin a wheel of genres then it will pick say 10 albums from that genre and then you spin again and it will land on one. This idea has probably been suggested before and again i think It’d be a nice little feature but i understand if it seems totally unnecessary.

Believe it or not, that feature already exists on the site. It’s just hidden towards the bottom. However, it doesn’t have any of the additional features you mentioned, like filter options, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom where the page footer is, there are small columns for albums and artists. At the very bottom of each column is a link that says “random” which gives you a random artist or album in the site’s database. See the picture below: