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Suggestion to add more padding between newlines, or allow rendering of extra whitespace

Hi, I submitted a review of an album, found here, and I feel that the padding of the newlines between paragraphs is a bit too small for my liking. The text looks quite cramped together.

It would be nice if this padding could be increased. I don’t think that’s a subjective solution, since I feel like most people would consider the current padding a bit too small. However, if this solution won’t fly, another way to solve the issue, while not breaking anything for someone else, would be to allow rendering of extra whitespace.

When I saw the cramped paragraphs on my review then my first thought was to add more newlines between the paragraphs, which didn’t work as the page rendered them the same way. If this could be changed, and extra whitespace characters could be added and viewed, then I feel like it would fix this problem up while not changing anything for users who are fine with the status quo.

Thank you!