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Suggestions Concerning Collaborations

1.) User/critic ratings on collaborations listed on each artists’ solo page should count towards the artists’ overall critic/user scores on their page. For example, an overwhelming majority of Boldy James’s ratings are on collaborations that have higher average scores than his solo work, so his artist scores are not very reflective of overall opinion on him.

2.) If I am following an artist and they release a collaboration that gets added to their solo page, that release should show up on my new releases or upcoming feed when I sort just by following. It is frustrating that I still have to look through all new releases in case any artists I want to hear new music from have released collaborations that don’t appear on my following feed because I have not followed the page created for “Artist A & Artist B” and kind of defeats the entire purpose of following artists, at least how I use the feature–that is, to quickly be able to find new releases from artists I’m interested in without having to sift through releases from artists I’m not interested in.

Thank you for implementing #1!