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Suggestions: private chat in addition to shouts and place for pronouns/name on user page?

I think it would be cool if AOTY had a private messaging system (that would work like shouts but invisible to other users) in addition to shouts, so that users could communicate about things that they may not want to be public without having to exchange information on external platforms.

Also, I think it would be helpful if there was a place specifically to input pronouns and/or preferred name on the user page. Sometimes, I feel anxious about misgendering those who don’t have their pronouns in their bio or being confused about what to call them, and I think that a place for people to specify that would be helpful!


agree completely!!


Love this idea


If the site adds private chats I suggest making them 18+ accessible only. With the recent huge influx of site users in the 14-17 age group, you don’t want to run the risk of creating a pool for predators. The gender pronouns idea is excellent and would be a good addition.


Oh yeah, absolutely. There should also definitely be a report button and/or an easy way to privately report a user for predatory behavior if the private chat feature is added.


that’s a better solution. I’ve been using this site since I was 15 and found some cool people.

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