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The "Add a Date" button has stopped working correctly

When you add an album, there’s a button where you put in the title and the date. When I put in a date, and then look at the album afterward, the date isn’t there and appears as “0000.” I thought I would make a thread about this glitch. I included pictures of an example. of what it looks like and the button.
Screenshot 2022-05-14 9.35.27 PM

Here’s a picture of the button that’s when I put in the album. This isn’t a one-off issue it has happened numerous times when adding an album or a single.

Screenshot 2022-05-14 9.34.43 PM

You shouldn’t use the brackets, just put it in as 2018-03-20. When you put it in wrong the system defaults back to 0000.

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This is correct. I’ve removed the parenthesis from the examples as I can see how that’s confusing.