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The Best Songs from 80s French pop music (new wave / new romantic / synthpop / coldwave /

Hi, i’m a devoted music fan from 80s music
Do you want to share your best songs from the 80s produced in France
Thanks :slight_smile:

For the more mainstream end of things, check out Les Rita Mitsouko, a good song would be “C’est comme ça”. Elsewhere, Candidate “On the Ice” (album Side by Side), Ruth “Polaroïd/Roman/Photo” (comp. Polaroïd/Roman/Photo), Deux “Paris/Orly” (comp. Decadence), Soma Holiday “Shake Your Molecules”, Charles de Goal “Technicolor”…

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I will try your suggestions, thank you so much for your answer :slight_smile:

Welcome, hope you enjoy them :slight_smile: