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The Best Songs of 2017 Aggregate



Looking at this aggregate, I thought that there maybe could be a best singles of all time by user score list of something, just like there is a best albums of all time by user score list.


so I get an empty playlist when I click on your link. is that intentional? should we make recommendations? my list is in progress, but I need to work on it:
JohnLouisHoward Top 100 Songs of 2017


It’s going to be based off that aggregate, but there’s still too few lists to get the playlist started. In due time.


right, got it. thanks for the reply, Rob.


Small correction: Sampha’s song is called “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” (not “my” Piano)


Future’s “Mask Off” and “Mark Off (Remix)” are currently #21 and #23 with 8 points each. Should these be combined into one?