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The Best Songs of 2017 Aggregate

Looking at this aggregate, I thought that there maybe could be a best singles of all time by user score list of something, just like there is a best albums of all time by user score list.

so I get an empty playlist when I click on your link. is that intentional? should we make recommendations? my list is in progress, but I need to work on it:
JohnLouisHoward Top 100 Songs of 2017

It’s going to be based off that aggregate, but there’s still too few lists to get the playlist started. In due time.

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right, got it. thanks for the reply, Rob.

Small correction: Sampha’s song is called “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” (not “my” Piano)

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Future’s “Mask Off” and “Mark Off (Remix)” are currently #21 and #23 with 8 points each. Should these be combined into one?