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Sorry if my English is bad. Anyway here is some suggestion

  1. Must hear albums (User score version)
  • Everyone loves this
  • If must-hear (critics) has a star logo then I think must-hear user’s logo should be a heart. Because star usually means for stand out and the heart usually mean love. An album doesn’t had to be stand-out but enjoyable for listener.

my idea for the logo

  • To be a must-hear album ( user score), the album must have 200+ rating anđ 80+ avarge user scores in certain amount of time
  1. End year re-cap
  • I think there should be a section when there is the end of the year called the re-cap:
  • Highest rated album by user/critics
  • Most popular list/review by users
  • Highest rated single
  1. AOTY granny ( user vote)
    -Based on this Chode’s list:
  2. Give us a notification when someone mention our name in a list or a reply
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